Annie Deyis

Hi! I’m Annie Deyis!

My introduction to the culinary world began when I started cooking for my foodie family. First as the newlywed wife of a doctor, tracing my family recipie books, and later as a more experimental mother of two (parenthood teaches you to shake things up a bit) I have been cooking for over 20 years. If anything, experience – along with a family full of doctors – has strengthened my belief in preservative-free cooking: for richer flavors and a healthier body. My passion lies in baking and styling, and I’ve fallen in love with French pastries and bread. I also believe in eating with your eyes before your mouth, and I use that to present the traditional Kerala dishes of my childhood with a twist of novelty.

It’s been an incredible culinary journey and I’ve have had some really proud moments when my recipes were featured in the local newspapers and magazines. This blog is the culmination of a dream that’s been long in the making, and it wouldn’t have been possible without my dear Chechi, Elizabeth Francis, who has spent countless hours of editing and proofreading to get my recipes perfect. I also have to thank my niece, Mareena Francis, who puts it all together and uploads my recipes. I hope that you enjoy these dishes, the fascinating processes behind them, and the simple pleasures of cooking for family and friends, just as much as I have.