Refreshing Mango Mojito

The perfect drink to beat the summer heat!
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We all know the feeling of a hot, sunny day where we want nothing more than a cool drink. And what fruit could be better in the heat than a succulent mango? Put it together and voila! This sparkling mango mojito will quench your thirst and cool you down instantly. It is a constant request from my family in the summer, and the easiest recipe to whip up!

This is also a party favorite, that goes perfectly with a tray of snacks. Do make sure you have refills available, as one glass will leave you wanting more!

Check out the video of this recipe here!

Refreshing Mango Mojito

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 10 min Total Time 20 mins Servings: 4 Best Season: Summer


Whip up this refreshing, tasty drink in just 20 minutes! 



  1. Blend mangoes with water and sugar. Keep aside.

  2. Divide mango cubes, mint leaves, chillies among four glasses.

  3. Muddle until the mint leaves are macerated.

  4. Add lime juice and mango puree. Prepare all four glasses likewise.

  5. Top them with ice and chilled club soda before serving.

  6. Stir and serve.


Mangoes - Use good quality sweet ripe mangoes. 

Sugar - The quantity of sugar depends on the sweetness of the mangoes

Jalapeno chilli - Can be substituted with green chillies. Use less spicy green chillies, deseed and add two thin slices.

Serving - Muddle the mint leaves, lime slices and chillies. Top with lime juice and puree. This can be prepared ahead and kept aside for an hour. Top it with ice and club soda just before serving.

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